Relationship Reading

Is he/she, my soulmate, twin-flame, or a life lesson?

If you would like honest answers on what’s going in your love life, we are here to help and give you a real insight into what he/she is thinking or feeling.

Do you honestly believe you could be experiencing a twin flame or soul mate relationship? Maybe it’s your first time and the experience has been so overwhelming that it's actually something else. Instead of a twin flame or a soul mate relationship, the experience is actually a mind-body-spirit expansion in the center of the heart, creating an opportunity of further spiritual growth for yourself instead of that divine connection. Would you not want these answers? Would it be a wise investment to have a reading with someone who is presently in a twin flame connection for over 18 years? We think so! A reading can help with all your questions related to 

the phases of a twin flame, a reunion, a soul mate connection and catalytic relationships of the heart center. Here are some points of interest: The twin flame merge where two energy bodies become one. What are the levels of evolution at the 5 energy bodies? The positive side effects of arguments. Crash & burn of the runaway train effect. Dealing with abandonment & emotional turmoil. Understanding alcohol & drug addiction. Healing sexual abuse & physical abuse. Why are addictions enhanced? Will, I ever survive on my own and why am I having such difficulty. Developing more love, compassion, and sensitivity. Sexual purification through higher self-connection. Why surrender and giving up control is necessary. Replacing relationship for friendship and partnership. How relationships improve character & personality these are just a few reasons why people choose Destinys for a reading.

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