Date: August 23 – September 22

Traits: Analytical, Gentle, Loyal and Practical

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling House: Sixth

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Spirit Colors: Brown and Green

Lucky Gemstones: Agate, Green Peridot, Hematite, Jasper, Sapphire, Sardonyx and Tourmaline

Birth Flowers: Bouncing Bet, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Queen Anne’s Lace, Sunflower, Sweet Cicely, Sweet William, Thistle Flowers, and Violet

Top Love Matches: Capricorn and Taurus

Love & Sex

The Virgin is pure, perfect, serious and realistic in love, they are so careful to conceal their emotions. Rarely will they have direct statements of love, but intimacy brings out the beauty of their emotional expression.


The Virgo woman is very intelligent, modest and with a strong capacity to love. But has emotions surging through her veins that prevent her from sharing emotions until she has trust in you.


The Virgo man has the tendency to be a perfectionist and can offer you loyalty and passion beyond your wildest dreams. And he is always ready to settle down with the right person for a very long time.


What He/She Wants

Mars in Virgo: These women prefer natural, simple, and intelligent men who pay attention to their own personal grooming. Also, someone who has their life in order and who can be a provider for them.


Venus in Virgo: These guys prefer intelligent, organized and natural looks over overly made-up faces. They must have high standards and inspire, remind him of his own talents


Virgo Brides

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and as an earth sign, they are natural born planners. These brides don’t need a wedding planner since they have excellent organizational skills and an eye for details. And they tend to not acknowledge other people’s ideas. The perfect look for these brides is classic hair and makeup.


Take time to relax and enjoy every moment on your way to the altar.

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